Flight Data Systems (FDS) is now a delegated authority of CASA, which means they can process individual applications for the remotely-piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (also referred to as a UAV Operator’s Certificate). The company’s aim is to reduce the wait time and cost to industry.

As an approved delegate, Flight Data Systems’s regulatory services are independently overseen by CASA. FDS has established comprehensive quality assurance, privacy, reporting, and conflict of interest management plans, all approved by CASA.

Flight Data Systems has also established a team of highly-qualified assessors who have real-world experience in the commercial operation of UAS/RPAS.

Coupled with an easy to use online application system, FDS delivers a high-quality, timely and cost- effective service for processing your application for an UOC/ReOC.

This partner content is brought to you by Flight Data Systems. For more information, visit www.flightdata.com.au.


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