The Northern Territory Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Security, Lauren Moss, has announced the new independent Northern Territory Controller of Water Resources.

Andrew Johnson will commence as the independent Northern Territory Controller of Water Resources on 1 May 2023.

Mr Johnson said he is looking forward to commencing work in the role.

“Having been involved with the Territory’s water security since October 2021 as the Chair of the Western Davenport and Ti Tree Water Advisory Committees, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside a diverse range of Territorians and organisations on a complex project, and I look forward to bringing my broad experience to the position,” Mr Johnson said.

Mr Johnson has more than 40 years’ experience in agriculture, natural resources, water and environmental management in the Northern Territory, South Australia and internationally as a member of the Nepal-Australia Joint Advisory Committee on Water Resources, providing him with vast experience and skills to bring to the Territory.

Ms Moss said the Territory Government is delivering new projects and policies to effectively manage its water resources for its growing economy.

“The appointment of an independent Controller of Water Resources reinforces the integrity of the decision-making framework established under the Water Act and I look forward to working with Andrew when he commences in this important role,” Ms Moss said.

“I also want to thank the CEO of the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security Jo Townsend for her dedicated work as the former Controller of Water Resources.”

The Controller of Water Resources has wide-ranging powers under the act including granting licences and permits, approving actions and appointing authorised officers to implement regulation and compliance programs.

The Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security will continue to be responsible for administering the Water Act 1992 and will support the new Water Controller in decision-making processes.

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