Melbourne Water has laid the final pipes for its Glenroy Drainage Improvement Project, which will reduce the flood risk to 456 local properties.

The pipe, located in Murrell Street, is part of 1,520m of stormwater drainage pipe being installed through the streets of Glenroy.

The new drain consists of varied size reinforced pipes and culverts, 18 pits and eight grated side entry pits.

The Glenroy Drainage Improvement Project forms part of Melbourne Water’s work to reduce flooding in Glenroy, Aberfeldie, and Glen Iris. Work began in October 2015.

Melbourne Water Project Manager, Paul Jackson, said the project would significantly improve drainage and flood risk reduction for the Glenroy community.

“Heavy rain in the area results in flooding to several Glenroy properties. Building this new stormwater drain will collect more of the water that flows over the streets and paved surfaces and reduce the effects of flooding,” Mr Jackson said.

“Laying this pipe is an important step towards the delivery of this project, which will provide real outcomes for the local community, ultimately reducing flood levels to homes and businesses, roads and other community facilities.”

Local schoolchildren also played a part in its completion with more than 80 children from Corpus Christi Primary School worked with local artist Mim Whiting to paint a segment of a 1.8m diameter pipe.

Students from Corpus Christi Primary School and Principal Stephen Lucardie with staff from Melbourne Water, CPB Joint Venture, and artist Mim Whiting.

Students from Corpus Christi Primary School and Principal Stephen Lucardie with staff from Melbourne Water, CPB Joint Venture, and artist Mim Whiting.

Mr Jackson said having the school children paint the pipe was a great example of how Melbourne Water can engage the community to raise awareness and understanding of important stormwater drainage system upgrades.

“Throughout the Glenroy Drainage Improvement Project it’s been important to us that we involve the local community as much as possible,” Mr Jackson said.

“The involvement Corpus Christi has had in our project has been very welcome, and it’s been a wonderful opportunity to show the kids the work we do managing Melbourne’s drainage systems.”

Corpus Christi Principal, Stephen Lucardie, said Melbourne Water had been extremely informative and supportive of the school community throughout the project.

“Melbourne Water has endeavoured to keep the unavoidable disruptions regarding noise, dust, and traffic to a minimum. We appreciate the efforts of all involved in keeping us informed and working to reduce the impact on our school community,” Mr Lucardie said.

The Glenroy Drainage Improvement Project is due to be completed at the end of June 2016.

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