With a typical Electrofusion welder weighing between 20-30kg and requiring two men to lift, the common complaint is that it is too heavy, especially if the largest pipe diameter on a project is 200mm. However, a new lightweight welder from Caldertech Australia solves this problem.

Caldertech Australia has launched the Calder Griffon, a new lightweight welder available in two models:

● 7kg – Welds fitting sizes up to 160mm, maximum weld time 440 seconds

● 9kg – Welds fitting sizes up to 200mm, maximum weld time 500 seconds

The Griffon has all the features of a high specification welder, including a Fusamatic output lead for welding Fusion and Plasson smart fittings, a barcode scanner for Frialen fittings, and the option to manually enter fusion and cooling times.

The internal circuitry of the Calder Griffon is based on the Calder Pegasus and has been proven to be robust and reliable in the harshest of environments. The Calder Griffon utilises a fan cooled toroid transformer to provide continuous welding of fittings up to 200mm.

It is the only lightweight welder on the market to have Bluetooth technology installed. This feature is used in conjunction with Caldersafe Mobile Data Acquisition Technology or Control Point – Blue Box Technology.

smlgriffon_original-2-50These technologies use mobile devices to capture images of prepared joints prior to welding using an app, giving you a real-time quality assurance system from the field to your office.

The Calder Griffon Lightweight Electrofusion welder is perfectly suited for all gas, water and chemical HDPE pipe installations up to 200mm, eliminating the need of high risk tasks such as heavy lifting and carrying over uneven ground, which are usually required at all sites.

The Calder Griffon provides a reliable welder with low-cost ownership over its service life and is quality assured to meet or exceed ISO 60664 and ISO 60204 standards.

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