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The legislation includes emissions reduction targets of 75 per cent, and a renewable energy generation target of 80 per cent, by 2035.

The passing of the Clean Economy Jobs Act 2024 and the Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Act 2024 is designed to secure Queensland’s place at the centre of a global energy transformation.

The bills also entrench public ownership of energy assets, designed to ensure Queensland’s assets are owned by Queenslanders, for Queenslanders.

The Queensland Government has passed landmark laws locking in a target of 80 per cent renewable energy generation by 2035, expected to support the creation of more than 100,000 new jobs.

Emissions reductions targets of 75 per cent by 2035 have also been entrenched in law.

World-first guaranteed financial support, training, jobs are also expected to be delivered as part of the Job Security Guarantee

Powered by the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, three renewable energy targets of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030, 70 per cent by 2032 and 80 per cent by 2035 have been locked in.

The Queensland Government has also moved to affirm public ownership of energy assets with the Job Security Guarantee and Fund.

The fund is designed to ensure energy workers at existing publicly owned power stations and associated coal mines have access to new jobs and training, or financial assistance, during the transition.

Laws have also been passed to legislate emissions reduction targets of 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, 75 per cent below by 2035 and net zero by 2050.

Powerlink said the Queensland Government would secure Queensland’s future with a clean economy, whilst helping to pave Australia’s path towards the Paris Agreement.

Powerlink also said investors and industry from around the world are choosing Queensland to establish new industries, build world first technologies and create local jobs.

The industry now has certainty that the Queensland Government has the vision, the leadership and the drive to power a clean economy future.

Queensland Premier, Steven Miles, said, “Government has an obligation to secure the economic, social and environmental prosperity of this state. That’s an obligation I take seriously.

“Through our landmark Energy and Jobs Plan, we set a vision for securing a clean economy future and the 100,000 new jobs that will be created.

“Today, that plan becomes law.

“Our vision for Queenslanders is to produce cheap, clean, reliable, renewable energy for them, their families and their businesses. Now, we get on with the job of delivering.

“We will build the renewable energy generation and transmission assets needed to power big industries in Gladstone, Mackay, Townsville and Mt Isa.

“In turn, we create clean economy jobs for generations to come – building our state and national energy independence. 

“Today, we also lock in a strong emissions reduction target of 75 per cent by 2035, putting the state on par with the most ambitious targets in the state.

“This target will provide industry certainty and deliver a world-leading response to climate change, while protecting Queensland’s pristine natural assets from further impact,” Mr Miles said.

Queensland Deputy Premier, Cameron Dick, said, “This is a great day for affordable, reliable, renewable energy in Queensland.

Queensland Minister for Energy, Mick de Brenni, said, “This is a historic day for Queensland.

“Today signals to the world that Queensland is serious about taking real action on climate change, while ensuring economic certainty and prosperity for communities across the state.

“Australia cannot meet its international climate obligations without the support of Queensland. By securing a new target of a 75 per cent reduction in emissions by 2035, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to decarbonisation, for the benefit of Queenslanders, and our planet.

“The passing of these laws will protect existing jobs and represents a further big step towards the 100,000 new jobs, new industries, and export opportunities that the clean economy transition will deliver.

“People elect governments to do the heavy lifting when it comes to climate action, and today’s announcement gives Queenslanders confidence and hope that the Sunshine State is on the right track.

“For a generation, Queenslanders have talked about climate change, but for many, the last decade has proven the very real impacts, which is why what the Premier is leading this state to achieve is so important.

“These new laws are about locking in the Miles Government’s commitment to a publicly owned energy system – one that protects tens of thousands of jobs in existing industries.

“Our $150 million Job Security Guarantee is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Now that it’s locked in legislation, Queenslanders working in a publicly-owned power station or relevant coal mine can have peace of mind that they will have opportunities for training and financial security as we transition.

“Today, Queensland powers ahead towards cleaner, cheaper renewable energy. We know renewables are the cheapest form of power, and now we’ve locked in our measured targets in law.

“This legislation will deliver lasting benefits to Queenslanders for generations to come. It will protect our enviable environment and lifestyle and unlock new industries and jobs as we move towards net zero,” Mr de Brenni said.

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