Thanks to a recently signed memorandum of understanding (MOU), AGL and Wärtsilä will jointly deliver large-scale hybrid energy systems for commercial and industrial customers.

The agreement will allow the development of systems which integrate renewable behind-the-meter and off-grid technologies to improve energy efficiencies and supply.

AGL Chief Operating Officer, Markus Brokhof, said AGL is excited to be developing these innovative systems with Wärtsilä, which will provide customers with a broader range of energy options.

“This agreement is another way in which AGL is responding to the evolving needs of our customers to deliver the best technologies and innovations available to create more sustainable and energy efficient operations,” Mr Brokhof said.

“This partnership is aimed at supporting customers with over 20MW of energy requirements and will allow AGL to offer greater energy solutions as businesses seek to reduce emissions while maintaining security of supply. 

“Our strong trading expertise combined with the best aspects of solar, wind, battery storage and gas-firming technology enables us to orchestrate the assets and provide customers with continuous, reliable supply and energy management solutions.

“These systems will provide customers with certainty and peace of mind – knowing on low-generation solar or wind days, flexible firming technologies are in place to meet their demands.

“For on-grid customers, we’re putting the management of these technologies right in the hands of our customers, with the ability for businesses to generate increased revenue from their assets.

“As a global leader in smart technologies, we know working with Wärtsilä on these projects ensures our customers are getting the best energy solutions on the market.”

Sushil Purohit, President, Wärtsilä Energy, said the company was excited to support AGL’s customers on their journey towards a decarbonised energy system.

“AGL is a long-term and valued customer for Wärtsilä and we are happy to collaborate on developing a hybrid solution that will be a key in enabling a stable and reliable grid, while lowering emissions and system level costs,” Mr Purohit said.

“Energy storage, balancing engine power plants and intelligent energy management software are needed to support the seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the power system while maintaining system flexibility, network stability and energy security.”

The MOU with Wärtsilä aligns with AGL’s Climate Statement commitments and will help contribute to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

In January 2021, AGL secured Wärtsilä under a non-exclusive framework agreement to supply up to 1000MW of grid-scale batteries across the National Electricity Market.

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