With over 1500 Strainpress Sludge Screen installations protecting anaerobic digesters around the world, HUBER have expanded their range to include a unit with double the hydraulic and solids handling capacity.

This larger unit is ideal for 100,000EP+ sewage treatment plants and for Waste to Energy plants. It has a processing capacity of 150m 3 /h of primary sludge and can remove 2t/h of debris. This means larger sewage treatment plants can benefit from screenings removal prior to the anaerobic digesters with less units. Strainpress is an inline screen that is installed upstream of anaerobic digesters to protect the digester from screenings accumulation. It is typically installed between in the sludge pipework from the primary sedimentation tanks to the anaerobic digesters.

It is also used in Waste to Energy plants to protect the main digesters from screenings accumulation and is commonly used to protect advanced digester pre-treatment processes such as thermal
hydrolysis. Strainpress units have been operating in Australian and New Zealand plants for 20 plus years.

Installations have demonstrated increased performance, increased biogas and less maintenance associated with anaerobic digesters. 


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