Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull has announced that Dr Ziggy Switkowski has been appointed to the board of the NBN Co as Chairman. He will also serve as Executive Chairman pending the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer to replace the retiring Mr Michael Quigley.

The government has asked Dr Kerry Schott and Miss Alison Lansley to continue serving on the board, bringing the current board total to three and intends to nominate additional non-executive directors to the board shortly.

“I want to thank, on behalf of the Government, all of the outgoing directors,” Mr Turnbull said. “And in particular Mr Quigley, the retiring chief executive, and Miss Siobhan McKenna, the retiring chairman, for their leadership and service to the company, often in very difficult circumstances. And for the professionalism and courtesy with which they have helped manage this transition.”

“In appointing Dr Switkowski to the board as chairman, we have appointed one of the most experienced telecom executives in Australia. Someone who has been the chief executive, not just of Telstra, but of Optus as well. A very distinguished company director and chairman since he left Telstra.”

The government has also announced the commencement of a strategic review of the project. The review intends to determine the status of the project, its cost, and how long it will take to complete it on the current plan, or the Labor Government’s plan at the 93 per cent fibre to the premises model.

“The Government is very committed to the National Broadband Network,” Mr Turnbull said. “We are determined to see a National Broadband Network completed sooner, cheaper and more affordably for consumers.”

This follows the recent release of the government’s interim Statement of Expectations for the NBN.

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