Sydney Water and the City of Sydney will build a 2.4 kilometre long stormwater drain to dramatically reduce flooding in one of the fastest growing parts of Sydney and thus allow the construction of a new town centre to begin.

Construction of a 5-to-6 metre wide and 1.8 metre high underground stormwater drain from Link Road, Zetland to the Alexandra Canal to take floodwaters from southern Sydney into Botany Bay will enable construction of the first new town centre in the City of Sydney area for more than 100 years.

The Green Square Town Centre is being built on a 14-hectare site where privately-owned mixed use developments will provide 3,700 new homes and 8,600 new jobs.

The major stormwater works will reduce hazardous flooding in and around the town centre, which in previous flooding incidences have exceeded one metre. This critical work will allow private residential and commercial development including retail and residential projects in low-lying areas that would otherwise be at risk of inundation in torrential rain.

Sydney Water and the City of Sydney will share the costs to deliver the new trunk drain along with a grant from the NSW Government’s Housing Acceleration Fund. Work will be delivered progressively, commencing in March 2015 to be completed by December 2017 to ensure the new town centre is not at risk of flooding.

Managing Director of Sydney Water Kevin Young said, “Construction of the stormwater project provides services to accommodate the growth and development in the Green Square area and forms a key element of Sydney Water’s commitment to urban renewal and our Liveable Cities strategy.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with the City of Sydney to deliver this project. Together we are engaging with all key stakeholders and the community to deliver maximum benefits and minimal impact to what is an exciting development opportunity for the city,” Mr Young said.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the agreement between the City of Sydney and Sydney Water was a critical step in transforming the former industrial area four kilometres south of the city centre.

“This is a vital piece of infrastructure which will help us realise Green Square’s full potential. A lot of research and planning, including comprehensive stormwater modelling, has been done to understand the flooding in this part of Sydney. We are very pleased to be working together to implement the recommendations of the experts on how to mitigate those flooding risks.”

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