Power and Water has launched a new leak detection program, Leak Check, in an attempt to help Darwin residents save water.

Living Water Smart, a Power and Water initiative, launched the program as well as a $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate.

Darwin is using more water than can be captured and supplied, and leaks are the second biggest area of water waste after overwatered gardens.

The Power and Water initiative aims to check 30,000 residential water meters by the end of 2018 for signs of household leaks.

So far the biggest leak found equaled 3.2 million litres per year, which undetected would of cost the homeowner over $6,000.

Power and Water Chief Executive Michael Thomson said, “The Leak Check program is doing a terrific job identifying and fixing household water leaks to save water for our future. Our overall aim is to save over one billion litres of water – the equivalent volume to supply Tennant Creek for a year.”

Senior Manager Client Services Jacqui O’Neill said the Leak Checkers began visiting houses in late January 2017, producing some significant results. Ms O’Neill said they found 212 leaks with an average volume of 430,000 litres per annum – an average volume that costs homeowners almost $1,00 per year.

Living Water Smart’s Leak Checkers recently checked Paul McLaughlin of Stuart Park’s meter, found a suspected leak and dropped a card in his mailbox to let him know.

“I was extremely surprised that the Leak Checkers discovered a hidden leak. This will save me $2,000 on my annual water bill. The water leak became noticeable when I was clearing leaves and saw water gushing out of the brick wall of my house at an astonishing pace. It was the Leak Check program flyer that prompted me to check for leaks and get it fixed,” Mr McLaughlin said.

Living Water Smart Program Manager Jethro Laidlaw said the Leak Check Program provides households with substantial savings.

“By fixing the hidden leak, Paul has saved over one million litres of water per year – that’s equivalent to 4,166 wheelie bins. It might take us a while to get to your suburb, so don’t wait for us – you can do the 3-Step Leak Check yourself and still access the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate.”

Eleven local plumbers have already signed up as registered suppliers for the program.

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