Man Using A Large Wrench On Water Pipe

SA Water will install 600m of new water main pipe at Beaufort to improve water quality for residents and businesses in the area as part of its larger water main replacement project.

The new pipe, which is being laid beneath Wheat Road, is among 47,000m of water mains going into the ground as part of SA Water’s four-year $155 million water main management program.

SA Water’s General Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure, Amanda Lewry, said the new pipe is made from PVC, which is known for having better flexibility and being more resistant to soil movement, compared to fibro-cement.

“These works are part of an ongoing drive to ensure South Australian communities, like here in Beaufort, continue to have access to reliable water services,” Ms Lewry said.

“Our water main replacement program is one of the ways we are proactively working to limit the frequency and impact of leaks and breaks, which are often caused by soil movement and other environmental factors.

“Water mains have an approximate lifespan of up to 100 years and the installation of this new pipe will help to ensure a secure supply of clean, safe drinking water to local customers well into the future.”

Construction will take around five weeks to complete.

“We will also ensure our customers are notified of any temporary water supply interruptions that are necessary when we move their connections over from the old to new pipes,” Ms Lewry said.

“We look forward to continuing to work together with our construction partners to deliver investment right across the state.”

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