Three freshwater science projects are being delivered as part of Tamania’s Rural Water Use Strategy to support continued evidence-based policy and decision making in relation to climate change, groundwater risk assessment and water accountability by water users.

The Tasmanian Government is undertaking the Catchment Yield Science Update project which will incorporate the most up-to-date predictions of climate change impacts. 

This aims to support water managers, businesses and the community to make informed decisions regarding sustainable water allocation and planning for the future.

The Tasmanian Government plans to improve water use responsibility through the Water Accountability, Metering and Reporting Framework Review.

The project will explore contemporary policy settings and make recommendations for change that will support continual improvement.

The Groundwater Assessment Project is expected to enhance the Tasmanian Government’s understanding of the interaction between surface water and groundwater, as well as exploring the risks and opportunities associated with the use of underground water.

This project will provide tools and data to support water management policy and water infrastructure planning.

The projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2024 with input from water industry leaders and key stakeholders.

The science projects are a $1.8 million co-investment between the Tasmanian Government and the Australian Government through the National Water Grid Authority.

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