In the wake of the Government’s broadband report a new website has been launched that will allow Australians to see how their neighbourhood rates in terms of internet connectivity. NBN Co has the information from the website and will consider poorly served areas in prioritising the NBN rollout where this is logistically and commercially feasible.

The report showed there are up to 1.6 million premises throughout Australia which have either no access to fixed broadband or very poor broadband connectivity, with peak median download speeds of less than 4.8 megabits per second.

The report compares broadband quality and availability to homes and businesses in over 78,000 local areas across Australia.

NBN Co has been provided with the analysis and will prioritise work in under-served areas where this is logistically and commercially feasible.

The NBN’s recent Strategic Review found that underserved areas can be upgraded on average two years sooner if they are prioritised in the rollout.

The MyBroadband website allows people to see the broadband availability and quality ratings for their local area.

The analysis and website identify areas in Australia where there is little or no access to broadband infrastructure.

The Broadband Availability and Quality Report is an important step in the NBN reform project to ensure that the areas with the poorest broadband can benefit sooner from the NBN rollout.

MyBroadband can be accessed here.



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