In conjunction with Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) and the electrical industry’s leading organisations, NHP has been involved in the launch of the local chapter of ETIM (ETIM Australia and New Zealand) as a founding member.

ETIM is an international classification model that provides construction industry participants with a much-needed structure for standardised (technical) product data exchange. 

The ETIM technical information model has already been adopted in over 20 countries and has been translated into many different languages across global markets. Specifically, it defines in a consistent way the technical attributes that B2B buyers need in order to match a product to a particular need. 

Implementing it for Australian and New Zealand businesses in the construction sector will have a number of benefits,  which include cost savings in design and construction delivery times and processes. It will also support more  sophisticated supply chain management practices. 

NHP was instrumental in engaging with ETIM International and Ai Group to make this local chapter a reality, and since  then, some of the leading organisations within the electrical industry have joined as Founding Members. 

NHP’s Corporate Affairs Lead, Stephanie Edwards, is also the inaugural Co-chair of the ETIM Local Chapter – Australia  and New Zealand.  

“NHP began discussions regarding ETIM adoption as part of the ever-present digital transformation journey that we are  undertaking. A significant phase in this project was to reach out to our wide range of suppliers and industry partners to  test their interest in collaborating on refining and sharing a data classification system,” Ms Edwards said.  

“What we found was an industry that was hungry to be able to agree on a system which incorporated a shared data  integrity standard, while eliminating existing inefficiencies by allowing for the real time exchange of data between  commercial entities and regulatory bodies.”  

Ms Edwards went on to explain the benefits of the model for members of the local chapter, as well as their customers,  suppliers and industry partners.  

“NHP will benefit from the ETIM model – as will other members of the local chapter – because our systems will be able  to search and surface answers for customers, suppliers, wholesale networks and end users, as we all begin to adopt a  shared data classification approach,” Ms Edwards said.  

A list of the Founding Members of the ETIM Chapter may be obtained by visiting the ETIM Australia and New Zealand website.

ETIM will initially be implemented for the electrotechnology sector followed by the plumbing, heating, ventilation and  air-conditioning sectors, then general building products.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products is a leading local power and automations solutions provider bringing to life smart and secure technologies from global partners. With over five decades of industry experience and with a workforce of approximately 800 people throughout Australia and New Zealand, NHP is the local choice powered by global partners.

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