The EPA is continuing to monitor for potential groundwater pollution in the Sunshine Marketplace area (VIC). So far inspection has shown no immediate risk to the community.

EPA Regional Services Executive Director, Damian Wells, said the results matched initial samples taken by EPA Authorised Officers last week.

“Our samples last week showed no contaminants present. To provide further information, EPA took 24-hour air samples at five locations to confirm no groundwater pollutants were in the air at those locations,” Mr Wells said.

Mr Wells said EPA would now look to undertake longer-term testing across the Sunshine Marketplace site to gain a better understanding of the groundwater below.

“This testing would capture a week’s worth of air data and give us another piece of information in the complex picture that is the groundwater underneath the Sunshine Marketplace,” Mr Wells said.

EPA began investigating all potential sources of groundwater pollution in the Sunshine area last year in response to community concerns.

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