Nucleus3/GreenBe (N3GB), Australia’s only meter-to-sustainability system integrator and digital customer engagement platform (DCEP) provider, has achieved an unprecedented milestone in the water and energy digital metering sector.

Over the last few years, N3GB has witnessed a fundamental shift within the digital metering sector; moving from single source, end-to-end OEMs to heterogeneous architecture and multi-vendor deployments. This has enabled utilities and LGAs to extract the best from each OEM and design a solution that enables them to deliver a customised outcome to meet their needs.

N3GB has seen this shift across its customer base, which now covers over 40+ customers across the energy, gas and water sectors, deploying digital IoT and customer engagement projects spanning the APAC region.

N3GB has grown its customer base due to its unique position and ability to support customers leveraging its entire N360 partner ecosystem. This ecosystem enables customers to blend together the best of Lora/Mesh/NBIoT technologies, to deliver an outcome that meets the business and use case requirements of today’s customers.

N3GB recognises the value of a partner that focuses on delivering positive customer outcomes, whether that’s via multiple vendor meters across a single deployment, having a mix of network technologies across a deployment, or having integrated platforms working together to deliver secure and accurate data for operational and control needs.

N3 has gained significant knowledge and understanding of the business processes and methodologies in delivering a high-quality Service Assurance Function. What is also  uniquely different, is the Nucleus3 Service Assurance offering, provided to all customers  post Go-Live. Service Assurance offers our customers the ability to continuously align delivery and operational needs to the ever-changing business requirements of water and  sustainability operations whilst ensuring consistency of service to your customer and community whilst maintaining the highest service levels and climate targets.

With 40+ customers across the region, N3GB is looking to deliver the tangible value and benefits of an effective IoT rollout to over five million households. N3GB is passionate about delivering a measurable climate, sustainability and energy security benefits objectives to its customers.

Central to N3GB’s solution is its industry-leading digital engagement platform. The power of N3GB’s solution, GreenBe, enables its customers to deploy multifaceted and targeted energy-saving campaigns across the entire network. This could range from an individual level to a community challenge that enables better education of energy usage, avoids bill shock, or identifies, notifies and prevents water leaks within the home.

Through its platform, N3GB has set a target to educate five million households so each has a better understanding of climate and sustainability impacts within the home. Personalising the engagement between N3GB and consumers helps customers to understand how their behaviour impacts their energy consumption.

N3GB’s deployed water campaigns have seen over a 20 per cent reduction in water use per day.

N3 Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Louis Limnios, said  “Water Authorities in Melbourne have a water usage target of 155L per person. Imagine saving on average of 20 per cent of this target, or 31L of water saving per person per day across Victoria. With six million people living in Victoria, this saving represents approximately 186 million litres of water saved per day.

“Imagine that number across Australia. That doesn’t even include any of the network side leak detection and operational benefits IoT brings to water savings and operations.”

If you would like to know more about N3GB’s IoT offerings, IoT Consulting Services, IoT M2M and Certification Services please reach out to N3GB’s Chief Customer Officer, Louis Limnios on [email protected].

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