Queensland’s Redland council is continuing to look at ways of mitigating odour from the existing water treatment plant at Point Lookout (QLD). Investigation into odour mitigation will continue until the completion of the town’s new water treatment plant opening in late 2016.

Reducing odour at the current plant will help to reduce the impact on neighbouring properties.

Recent measures have included:

  • Chemical dosing at pump stations – council now doses calcium nitrate into the wastewater network around Point Lookout to reduce odour.
  • Installing a carbon scrubber to the vent stack – this carbon filter ‘scrubs’ emissions to remove any odours from the air release-valve.
  • Installing an aerator/mixer to raw sewerage balance pond – this aerator keeps solids in the wastewater balance ponds from settling, reducing anaerobic conditions that may produce foul odours.
  • Installing rubber covers – these rubber covers have been placed over a small uncovered section of the plant to reduce odours being released.
  • Installing an activated carbon scrubber at the inlet to the treatment plant – this carbon scrubber works to capture emissions and treat odours before they are released.

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