Finding a mobile computing solution that can keep up with growing business demands and quickly respond to evolving customer expectations is a major investment and an ongoing challenge. Your computing solution should offer rugged protection, reliable connectivity, stability, security and long-term scalability for every dollar spent.

In a first-of-its-kind release, Zebra Technologies’ new Xplore L10 platform offers multiple form factors that share the same accessory set, while delivering increased durability and improved price/performance.

Zebra Technologies’ Senior Director, Product Management, Tom McNeela, said that the tablet team has applied more than 20 years of rugged mobile computer engineering, and over two decades of customer feedback, to the design of the Xplore L10 rugged mobility platform.

“In doing so, we have introduced the industry’s first rugged tablet platform to share a single accessory ecosystem across all form factor configurations, which is a significant cost-saver for customers. We have also created an extremely durable, future-proof computing platform that will give organisations greater flexibility within their entire IT architecture,” Mr McNeela said.

“The seamless compatibility between all of the rugged tablet-based form factors and accessories in the L10 product family also provides a lower, more consistent, and more predictable cost of ownership for all of our customers’ mobile-connected technologies.”

Three rugged tablet-based form factors

The new Xplore L10 lineup features the XSLATE L10 slate tablet computer, the XPAD L10 tablet computer with a hard handle and built-in barcode scanner option, and the XBOOK L10 2-in-1 laptop/tablet complete with a Companion Keyboard and KickStrap.

Each Xplore L10 model can be custom-equipped with the precise performance, security, connectivity, and usability features required to accommodate mobile workers’ individual device preferences while addressing a wide set of application workflows in the field, a vehicle, the shop floor, or in the office.

Customers will be able to choose from multiple Intel® processors, each of which provides enough speed to meet high performance standards for the next several years, within current budget parameters.

Exclusive benefits

“Until the L10, no vendor had provided manufacturers, public safety professionals, utilities, and other field service and industrial organisations with a single rugged mobility platform that offers several form factor and feature set options to support their diverse mobile workforces,” Mr McNeela said.

“Xplore is giving customers the opportunity to custom-configure a truly rugged mobility solution that will reliably work in the world’s harshest environments, and within the strictest enterprise computing standards, for several years to come.”

Each of the three rugged tablet-based form factors in the Xplore L10 mobility platform is available with wide range of feature combinations to ensure that workers always have the right tools for their individual job requirements, including:

  • Intel® processors that span from the highest performance Intel 8th Generation Core™-Series i5 or i7 with vPro™ to price performance offerings based on Intel Pentium® that deliver twice the performance when compared to Xplore’s current 10” rugged tablet offering

  • A 4G LTE card that will boost data download speeds by up to 600 per cent and upload speeds by up to 300 per cent over previous generations, greatly improving worker productivity in the field

  • A standard 500 nit or 1000 nit View Anywhere™ display with Gorilla® Glass for optimised indoor and outdoor viewing

  • A generous number of I/O ports to stay connected to legacy and future technology systems, including standard RJ-45, two USB 3.0, USB-C ports along with optional True Serial and HDMI-in

To learn more about the benefits of the Xplore L10 rugged mobility ecosystem – and to compare the unique capabilities of the XPAD tablet with a top handle, XBOOK 2-in-1 laptop/tablet, and XSLATE L10 tablet – visit

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