Lake Argyle, Western Australia

The Ord Development Agreement is set to work on key upgrades to its Knox Plain development, including plans to widen the Main Water Supply (M1) Channel and help the development receive water from Lake Argyle. 

Knox Plain is a 5,600ha development, and part of the Ord Development Agreement alongside Kimberley Agricultural Investment (KAI). It follows the successful development of the Goomig farmlands area.

This infrastructure project is a key component of the Knox development which will deliver Native Title benefits as negotiated by the Miriuwung Gajerrong peoples under the Ord Final Agreement.

The works will be delivered by the Water Corporation, with ramping up of water supply to full delivery requirement for Knox of 570mL per day by 2027.

Western Australian Agriculture and Food Minister, Alannah MacTiernan, said, “It is exciting to see sustainable agricultural progress in the Ord, which is supporting irrigated crops, paving the way for new industries and providing genuine employment opportunities.

“This funding commitment from the McGowan Government will enable and leverage significant private investment in agricultural development in the north, including an estimated $140 million expected to be invested into Knox Plain.

“This new farmland area is also set to play an important role in the region’s burgeoning cotton industry, backed by local growers and Traditional Owners.”

Former Western Australian water minister, Dave Kelly said, “Full water supply for Knox Plain cannot be achieved without the upgrade of the M1 Channel.

“The upgrade solution to widen the channel is the most cost effective and fastest to deliver and can be staged to ensure required water volumes are available to the Knox as required.”


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