Over 2400 million litres of Lower Hunter’s drinking water has been conserved over the past eight years thanks to a program that’s helping businesses and commercial operators to be more efficient.

Non-residential customers make up only five per cent of Hunter Water’s total customer base, but consume almost a third of the region’s total drinking water supply.

Hunter Water’s Executive Manager Customer Strategy and Retail, Victor Prasad, said the program has helped identify opportunities to conserve water and find savings for businesses.

“Through detailed water audits and specialised reviews of business operations, as well as leak detection using digital monitoring, we’re working together with businesses and commercial operators to find efficiencies in their water use,” Mr Prasad said.

“Identifying ways to save water is not only beneficial for conserving the region’s drinking water supplies, but it can also help businesses financially in the long term.

“Part of this program has involved Hunter Water working closely with its major customers to understand their water usage and recommend water efficiency opportunities.

“I’m pleased to say that this financial year alone, we’ve identified almost 140 million litres of water savings, which has resulted in our customers saving an estimated $300,000.”



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