If you’ve worked in, or been a consultant to, a utility, then you would understand the complex processes required to manage assets and ensure their operation meets customer requirements and optimises asset life.

For contractors performing installation and maintenance work, the ability to accurately pinpoint the location of assets is essential. Yet, in today’s industry, some utility network operators and service providers are still using manual steps to document data in the field.

This manual process can lead to duplicated data, delays in field data integration with the GIS, work instructions not being followed correctly, or unknown or unprovable spatial field accuracy.

Using traditional procedures with new technology can also cause bottlenecks, error hotspots and internal frustration, as well as create a standalone system that has no spatial component or relation to the actual fieldwork undertaken.

Having multiple systems for field collection, data management, work orders and project management that are all managed separately can also lead to duplication, transcription errors and a muddied project overview.

Many will read the above and nod their heads in recognition, resignation and acceptance.

But given the industry now has portable, connected-to-the-cloud computing – why are these problems still continuing?

To combat these challenges and help utilities efficiently manage their assets, C.R. Kennedy has partnered with Geolantis, a leading European software house that specialises in modular software solutions delivering GIS, CAD and asset management to mobile field crews.

Together, they have created Geolantis.360, a next generation platform that uses the latest cloud computing and mobile device technology to provide an enterprise-grade utility mapping solution.

Geolantis.360 manages data collection, inspections and asset management and allows for optimal communication between stakeholders, consultants and employees.

This high-grade performance has three main advantages:

Enterprise grade functionality 

  • A single source of spatial data
  • Work orders can be integrated with, and assigned to, the specific assets that require work. Whether it’s the initial inspection or a follow up repair, each is associated to an asset within the spatial database, in a single system
  • Manage users with different roles and access levels
  • Attach relevant documents and plans to the project for field staff to access
  • Combines GIS data with engineering drawings for complete overview.

Cloud-based platform 

  • Constantly up-to-date data available to everyone
  • Monitors live job progress
  • Monitors project quality and compliance.

Simple concepts 

  • Complete control of workflow from a central point
  • Uses one digital platform for all field capture
  • Easy to create dynamic custom forms for field crews
  • Captures spatial accuracy metadata in the background for QA.

Geolantis.360 provides a significant return on investment by delivering powerful, reliable solutions that transform the field into a business centre.

It encompasses all map viewing and navigation capabilities while hiding the complexity of GIS and CAD systems to provide the same level of detail to all users – whether they’re in the office or the field.

Rapid advances in technology over the last five years have fragmented many large organisations, leaving them a messy combination of legacy and modern systems.

Stakeholders are unsure about how to optimise their systems for delivering the expected high levels of service and results.

This is why Geolantis.360 is a game changer in office and field collaboration, it solves these problems through an integrated cloud platform that is easy to implement and operate.

Contact C.R. Kennedy to explore how the Geolantis.360 platform can provide the foundation for optimisation, growth and stability you require. 

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