Accepting the Large Diameter Pipeline Technology Award at the Pipe Industries Guild 2024 Technical Awards. Courtesy of Detection Services.

Detection Services and Hydrosave UK have won the Large Diameter Pipeline Technology Award at the Pipe Industries Guild 2024 Technical Awards for their innovative pipeline condition assessment technology (p-CAT). 

The awards ceremony took place on the 13 June 2024 at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, England. The event was attended by industry leaders and experts, and both Hydrosave and Detection Services were honoured to partner with Anglian Water for the occasion. 

The award was presented by the Utilities Panel Chair and United Utilities Senior Civil Engineer, Jon Drake. Mr Drake highlighted the significance of p-CAT and said, “p-CAT was the most significant leap forward in pipe wall condition assessment in the last 20 years with its ability to identify hotspots of deterioration over long lengths of pipe.” 

Detection Services Chief Operations Officer, Chris Evans, expressed his gratitude and excitement. 

“We are incredibly proud to receive this esteemed award from the Pipe Industries Guild. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team and the game-changing impact of p-CAT on the water utilities, mining and agriculture sectors. Our collaboration with Hydrosave and Anglian Water has been instrumental in bringing this technology to fruition in the UK, and we look forward to continuing our mission to enhance pipeline integrity and operational efficiency. 

About p-CAT 

p-CAT is a revolutionary, non-invasive, and non-destructive technology designed to perform comprehensive pipeline condition assessments while the network remains in operation.  

This patented technology utilises inverse transient analysis to measure and determine the internal and external condition of pipelines. It is suitable for any pressurised fluid-filled pipeline carrying wholesome, raw or wastewater, and can be applied to all types of pipes, including metallic, concrete, and asbestos cement (AC) pipes. 

The p-CAT technology operates by injecting a small controlled transient signal into the pipeline, which is then monitored and recorded by sensors temporarily placed on existing assets at approximately 750m intervals. The transient wave experiences partial reflection when it encounters any change in the pipeline structure. This includes known features of the asset as well as issues related to pipe deterioration, such as wall thickness changes, air or gas pockets, blockages, material or size changes, lining loss, unknown connections, and valve status. 

Advantages of p-CAT 

p-CAT offers several groundbreaking benefits to the water utilities, mining and agriculture sectors: 

  1. Non-invasive and non-destructive: conducts assessments without disrupting the pipeline’s operation or compromising water quality
  2. Comprehensive coverage: capable of surveying many miles in a single day
  3. High accuracy: provides sub-10m sectional accuracy, verified to 0.2mm, far superior to conventional non-destructive testing (NDT) methods
  4. No-dig solution: eliminates the need for excavation, reducing costs and environmental impact

Mr Evans said, “p-CAT is truly a game changer. It not only enhances our ability to maintain and monitor critical infrastructure but also significantly reduces operational downtime and costs. The technology’s ability to provide detailed and accurate data over long pipeline lengths is unparalleled.” 

The recognition at the Pipe Industries Guild 2024 Technical Awards underscores the transformative potential of p-CAT and marks a significant milestone for Detection Services and Hydrosave UK.  

As the water utilities sector continues to face increasing challenges, innovative solutions like p-CAT are essential for ensuring the sustainability and reliability of vital pipeline infrastructure. 

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Featured image: Accepting the Large Diameter Pipeline Technology Award at the Pipe Industries Guild 2024 Technical Awards. Courtesy of Detection Services. 

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