South East Water has teamed up with Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions to provide its customers with a new billing system that takes advantage of digital technology.

Hamish Reid

Hamish Reid, South East Water.

“For the first time we’ve adopted a mobile first approach, designed an e-bill that looks great and made it interactive and easy to use on smart devices. Our focus is on delivering the best experience for our customers and we’re integrating all of our digital platforms to do so,” said General Manager Customer and Business Futures Dr Hamish Reid.

The water retailer’s digital communication transformation focuses on expanding customer channels and integrating platforms launched in recent years to deliver a seamless customer experience across livechat, customer portals, interactive billing, SEWLive map works and faults and online payment solutions.

The initiative shown in the collaboration sees the water retailer leap frog industry best practice and put into place a communications solution that is at the forefront of the Asian Pacific Marketplace. More importantly, it meets and exceeds customer expectations and maximises engagement.

“Fuji Xerox is excited to be South East Water’s partner on this innovative project. Our core business is to provide our clients the digital expertise and operational processes to take their customer transactions online,” said General Manager VIC & NT Fuji Xerox Mark Bongiorno.

“We are now delivering them for South East Water via their channel of choice in a secure environment. South East Water has shown leadership in this business transformation project by listening to its customers’ needs. The outcome is a sustainable long term and customer centric communications model.

This showcases the best of both our organisational capabilities,” said Mr Bongiorno. Traditional billing has also been improved with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront. More than 3.5 million paper sheets will be saved each year simply through the redesign of the bill based on customer feedback. Research by South East Water showed a majority of customers take less than five minutes to read a bill meaning a window of only a few minutes exists to capture attention and deliver important information.

Dr Reid said, “the fundamentals are critical – people, platforms and processes. Customers want consistent service experiences across these channels and they also expect to be able to start an interaction in one channel and complete it in another. Our move to digital channels is about meeting our customers’ growing expectations for this and to bolster their experience.”

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