Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor, CEO of Emagin and Colby Manwaring, CEO of Innovyze.

Global leader in water infrastructure data analytics software, Innovyze, has announced that it is looking toward the future of water operations by acquiring AI and machine learning company, Emagin.
The AI platform that Emagin has designed continuously learns from a system’s ever-changing patterns and can provide actionable knowledge for effective decision-making.

This advanced technology from Emagin allows Innovyze to enable AI across the entire water sector – plant, network and industry such as pulp/paper, bottling plants and consumer packaged goods where water treatment or filtration are involved and require costs, energy and uptime to be optimised.

Innovyze CEO, Colby Manwaring, said, “Innovyze and Emagin share a vision for the future. One where innovative software technology supports and empowers the optimal delivery of clean water, safe sanitation and drainage, and protection from climate change impacts for our global society, communities, industry and individuals.

“This includes leveraging advanced technologies that empower industries’ ability to manage complex and life-supporting water systems.

“We are pleased to welcome the talented and dedicated Emagin team to the Innovyze family. Together, we will be well-positioned to deliver even more value to our customers and the water industry.”

The addition of AI technology to the Innovyze suite of data analytics solutions is an exciting advancement in the management of water operations and will promote the continued growth of Innovyze as a global leader.

Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor, CEO of Emagin, said, “Joining Innovyze not only enables us to further our mission on a global enterprise scale, but will also unlock our ability to introduce AI across the value chain in the water industry in a meaningful manner.

“Ultimately, Innovyze’s customers, people and culture are what led us to take this big step. We could not be more excited to join a community that is so well-aligned with our mission and values as innovators in the industry. We are absolutely thrilled to join the Innovyze family.”

In emerging markets, Emagin has been working with utilities to support technological leapfrogging and has successfully deployed AI in non-digitised utilities. In established markets, it has supported progressing facilities by implementing AI to fully optimise operations and save on expenditure. Emagin was recognised in the international water sector by BlueTech and Global Water Intelligence.

Innovyze has a long history of providing leading data analytics software that helps utilities identify and solve problems within their systems before they arise, mitigate situations in progress through live data analysis, and prioritize investment and management of physical assets. Emagin’s intelligent technology is the perfect fit to support professionals around the world in maintaining effective and safe water systems.

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