In both new pipeline construction and pipe rehabilitation projects, the first line of defence against corrosion, chemicals and abrasion are protective coatings. When selecting a protective coating system, utility engineers must strike a balance between performance, cost and durability, as well as considering environmental and safety regulations. Piping Specialty Supply Service (PSSS) is now the premier dealer for the Specialty Polymer Coating (SPC) range of protective coatings and accessories in Australia.

Founded in Canada, SPC has been formulating, manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art, 100 per cent solid, multi-component liquid (MCL) epoxies and polyurethane coatings since 1992.

These materials only require a single-coat application and provide a film thickness of greater than 50mils/1250μm without sagging or compromising flexibility.

As a leader in environmental practices within the coatings industry, SPC was one of the first companies to identify the harmful effects of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the environment.

SPC was also the first company to bring a 100 per cent solids liquid coating to market, an innovation that ensured the absence of VOCs in all its products.

Matt Alliston, Vice President of SPC, and John Wilton, Managing Director of PSSS, are pleased to announce the appointment of PSSS as the Australian supplier of SPC’s highly sought-after coating products.

“We have chosen PSSS for its proven ability to not only sell our specialist products, but also because it has the technical expertise and required infrastructure to promote our products within Australasia,” Mr Alliston said.

Mr Wilton explained that his interest in SPC was in its innovative polymer coating products and accessories, which continue to set the organisation apart as a superior provider in the coatings industry.

“This partnership developed from an existing client’s need for polymer coatings, and we are looking forward to bringing the SPC range to our ever-growing client base. I also believe these coatings will complement our existing range of piping products,” Mr Wilton said.

SPC has a broad line of coating systems which are used extensively in the pipeline industry, as well as linings for tanks (acids, alkaline, sewage, potable water, crude oil and a myriad of various petrochemical services), on various steel structures as well as in marine dock and ship applications.

SPC’s innovative formulations can provide protection from corrosion along with chemical and abrasive resistance up to elevated temperatures of 180 ̊C. SPC’s internal tank linings are suitable for a multitude of services.

This partner content is brought to you by Piping Specialty Supply Services. For more information on SPC polymer coatings and accessories, contact PSSS on 1300 794 096 or email

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