Sustainable and efficient, Viega’s high-grade piping system always keeps Ireland’s world-class Aviva Stadium at the right temperature, no matter how cold it is outside or how heated the game is on the pitch.

“Football is a gentleman’s game played by ruffians; rugby is a ruffian’s game played by gentlemen” – at least that’s what rugby fans say. The “ruffians” and “gentlemen” of the Republic of Ireland’s football and rugby teams respectively have been sharing a home in Dublin since 1872.

For decades, both played at the historic but run-down Lansdowne Road ground. Then in May 2010, the 51,700-seater Aviva Stadium was opened as the new sporting temple of the sports-mad Irish on the same hallowed site.

Since then, the four-tiered horseshoe-shaped arena, which won a British Construction Industry Award in 2011, has also played host to stars including Madonna, Lady Gaga and AC/DC.

Stadium fans enjoy top-class water supply and heating, thanks to the Viega Propress copper piping system throughout the drinking water installation, and the galvanised steel Prestabo system used for the heating installation.

Although Viega did not receive the invitation to tender until very late in the process, its Propress and Prestabo products were ultimately chosen.

Aviva Stadium planners were also impressed by the functional Smart Connect feature – which only Viega pressfit connectors provide – and its double pressing technology. The contract was won even though press connectors had, up to that point, been practically unknown in Ireland.

There is another reason why pressconnection technology has had such success internationally (including in Australia for a decade) – enhanced on-site work safety, particularly compared to brazing/soldering. As pressing involves no open flame, and so poses no fire hazard, no fire safety measures are needed.

Consequently, press-connected pipes can often even be installed in explosive industrial environments without interrupting production operations.

Viega press technology combines rapid yet safe installation with long-term reliability. In fact, there is up to 75 per cent time saving compared with conventional brazing.

It also consistently utilises ultra-hygienic material such as copper and stainless steel, which ensures hygienic operation and guarantees reliable material quality, a long lifespan and tremendous versatility.

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