Epic Energy SA’s Mid North pipeline rupture has undergone investigation, with the rupture identified as a result of stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

SCC is a condition which manifests as minute hairline cracks in the steel pipe wall, and can be influenced by a variety of factors including pipe material properties, environmental conditions such as soil moisture and ground movement, and operating pressures and temperatures.

“This information was an essential factor in developing the reinstatement plan to ensure it did not present any safety issues when the lateral pipeline was returned to operation,” Mr D’Cruz said.

“The maximum pressure permitted under the reinstatement plan has been verified as being appropriate by a team of independent technical experts in consultation with the regulator, the Department of State Development (DSD).”

The next priority is to establish the root causes of how the SCC occurred.

“A full and thorough investigation is underway and we will continue to engage with the DSD and independent experts throughout this process. This could take several weeks to conclude,” Mr D’Cruz said.

“Again, we would like to reiterate our thanks to the community for their support during the past week, along with APA Group, DSD, our customers and gas retailers, as we worked around the clock last week to safely reinstate gas flows.”

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