Access pits for water and energy

Working in water and energy requires structurally robust and easy to install pits to ensure each project’s success. Delivery of the Nambucca Shire Council and NSW CBD Electrical Services Relocation Projects saw the installation of the STAKKAbox ULTIMA, Australia’s first high-strength modular access pit system.

Nambucca Shire Council required flow meter installation on two existing trunk mains to monitor water flow to the Shire water distribution system and leakage in the trunk mains.

The need to turn off water supply or physically cut piping during the installation process was eliminated due to the robust strength, installation and customisation capabilities offered by the innovative STAKKAbox ULTIMA Connect pit system.

Traditional methods risked compromising the integrity of the existing AC pipes’ integrity. STAKKAbox access pits were rapidly assembled around existing pipes without requiring third party contractors or additional plant hire. Clean entry and exit points for piping were created as the ULTIMA pits were assembled using standard cutting tools and a rubber mallet.

A key priority was ensuring the protection of the new Ultrasonic Flow Metre equipment being installed on the pipeline so that its electronic components weren’t directly exposed to the possibility of moisture damage.

Design specifications required a minimum Class B pit load capacity, yet the ULTIMA’s impressive Class D strength properties offered increased security and prolonged life-span benefits for the asset’s electrical components and the overall system.

Another stellar example of the STAKKAbox ULTIMA system’s installation flexibility and timeliness was the relocation of vital electrical services located along Pitt Street in Sydney’s Central Business District. The STAKKAbox ULTIMA Hybrid provided a customised underground network access solution that accommodated existing services without specialist resources.

The heavily congested business district location of the site meant that elimination of any possible public safety risks underpinned all aspects of the installation. The lightweight, modular structure of the STAKKAbox allowed rapid simultaneous installation of both jointing bays, thereby minimising risks and enabling any adaptations required to support existing services to be easily made on site
during assembly.

Both the aforementioned water and energy projects were installed within hours without the requirement of specialist builders or tooling, reducing associated health and safety risks while also providing impressive savings to both the asset owners and major contractors.

By reducing freight costs and labour expenses, and exceeding safety standards, the STAKKAbox ULTIMA system is a key solution for a range of utility industry needs.

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