The Northern Territory’s Top End dry season provides Power and Water Corporation with a short window of opportunity for an intensive annual maintenance and upgrade program. Poles, wires, transformers and substations all benefit from this condensed program every year between May and September.

“Providing a more reliable service is the key factor in these maintenance works,” Power and Water General Manager System Control Malcolm Conway said.

“Major maintenance is difficult during the wet season due to torrential rain and lightning activity and also because the demand on the electricity network is higher during this time.

“The dry season offers a short window of opportunity to safely complete a wide range of significant maintenance jobs and equipment upgrades,” Mr Conway said.

The intense nature of this work on a range of network infrastructure means some pressure is placed on the system and the risk of power disruptions exists.

“Power and Water is working hard to ensure these disruptions don’t occur and to keep customers informed of the times when outages are possible, even if they aren’t likely,” Mr Conway said.

Power and Water’s planned works lists electricity and water maintenance activities as well as times for works related outages. For details on the dry season Power and Water works program go to major projects.

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