Looking to reduce electricity bills or improve productivity and performance? Delta’s Static Var generator (SVG) or Active Power Filtering (APF) solutions from NHP are a smart investment choice as they deliver reliable and adaptable modern technology to improve power factor and mitigate harmonics.

Delta’s Power Quality products:

• Correct poor power factor and network imbalance
• Deliver harmonic mitigation up to the 50th harmonic (active harmonic filters)
• Provide options of standalone and modular designs – wall mount (up to 100kVAr/100A) and floor standing options available in IP30 and IP54 (up to 700kVAr/700A)
• Utilise both APF and SVG technologies together in an all-in-one Total Power Factor Correction system

As the trusted partner for Delta Power Quality solutions, NHP is excited to be the approved repair agent for Delta Power Quality in Australia and New Zealand. Have the assurance you need with your power quality investment supported, serviced and now locally repaired by NHP’s service team.

Simplot’s song saved from harmonic distortion

Simplot Australia is a food manufacturer and agricultural business, home to brands including John West, Birds Eye and Leggo’s. Simplot was having problems with its capacitorbased power factor correction (PFC) unit at its Bathurst manufacturing facility and engaged NHP to repair its existing system, with the intention of replacing the capacitors.

NHP offered to visit the site first to investigate and be certain that new capacitors would be all that was required. Upon inspection, the local NHP Service team uncovered a broader problem with the general power quality on site.

“Once we got on site and looked at it closely, we discovered harmonic distortion was severely impacting power quality on the site,” NHP Technology Specialist, Shane Townsend, said.

The data gathered on site indicated that the best solution was an active harmonic filter. The NHP team then provided Simplot with data that explained why this was the best option available to them.

While it would be a more expensive solution than simply replacing the capacitors in the existing system, the harmonic distortion on site was so severe that it would continue to cause power quality devices to stop working, so purchasing and installing new equipment for the existing PFC unit would be a waste of time and money.

Aside from being able to supply Simplot with quality products to solve its power quality problems, NHP’s endto-end service, including an initial site investigation, power quality study, installation, commissioning and assembly, allowed the customer to save money on equipment that would not have worked, and efficiently ensured a thorough future-proof improvement to its power quality.

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