Event Organiser, Talk2 Media, has announced the return of the popular Power + Utilities Leadership Summit and Expo from 7-8 May 2024. 

Rebranded to Enlit Australia in 2020, the event’s return to its origin, Power + Utilities Australia, follows extensive industry research and feedback from stakeholders.  

Event Director, Paul Mathers, said that it was an easy decision to make.  

“This brand successfully attracted 107 exhibitors and 2,834 visitors at its peak in 2019 and has always been very clear in communicating its intent – to bring together the power and utilities sector, from end to end. In doing so, Power + Utilities Australia reflects the decentralisation of a once-siloed industry, as it becomes more and more connected along the energy transition journey,” Paul said. 

The rebooted Power + Utilities Australia Leadership Summit & Expo will take place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, over new dates, 7-8 May 2024, avoiding date clashes with other large industry events. 

“This is an incredibly positive and exciting evolution of this event. The reboot of the Power + Utilities Australia brand gives us an opportunity to go back to our roots and build on a show which is genuinely and authentically local. We look forward to addressing domestic challenges alongside the industry’s thought leaders while showcasing the most innovative and engaging products available to utilities in the energy value chain,” Paul said. 

Power + Utilities Australia has now also launched the 2024 Leadership Summit agenda with over 70 industry expert speakers already confirmed. Building from last year’s program, the agenda focuses on working towards actionable solutions for networks undergoing transition. 

“The Leadership Summit, along with our aligned Knowledge Hub program, will continue to challenge and disrupt, providing a balanced, diverse and alternative voice to other industry-led forums. Our new dates release us from the complications of a congested event calendar in March, giving the event and our stakeholders, some air and space in which to come together, talk, network and do business together without distraction.” 

The new Power + Utilities Australia logo acknowledges its lineage and looks to a future of innovation and change. It’s readily-identifiable “positive charge device” infers a road into the future at the junction of the four pillars of the energy value chain – generation, transmission, distribution and retail. 

The new-look Power + Utilities Australia Leadership Summit and Expo will take place from 7-8 May 2024 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.  

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