Powerlink has completed a $9 million project to replace two 40-year-old transformers at Powerlink’s Garbutt Substation, further securing power supply to the Townsville region.

Powerlink Interim Chief Executive, Kevin Kehl, said on-ground work to replace the aging transformers started in early 2018 and was completed over several stages.

“Garbutt Substation is a critical part of the transmission network in this area, supplying power to Townsville CBD, the airport precinct and busy port area,” Mr Kehl said.

“These two 98 tonne transformers, standing 4.5m high, were transported to site in mid-2018, and work has progressed since then to safety install them within the existing substation.

“This project supported 15 jobs during construction and ensures a continued safe and reliable supply for Townsville into the future.”

Mr Kehl said the transformers were originally installed in the 1970s and had reached the end of their service life.

“The original Garbutt Substation was built back in the 1950s and was gradually developed to keep up with demand as Townsville grew into the busy regional centre it is today,” Mr Kehl said.

“These transformers were about 40 years old and had served the region well over that time.

“Their job is to convert high-voltage electricity from Powerlink’s transmission network down to a lower voltage suitable for Ergon Energy’s distribution network, which in turn delivers electricity to households and businesses.

“The two new 100MVA transformers will deliver a safe, secure and reliable supply to help meet the region’s needs.”

Powerlink’s transmission network plays an important role in powering the Queensland economy, being responsible for helping to provide electricity to more than four million Queenslanders.

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