Allan Badke, Powerlink Queensland’s longest serving employee, has been congratulated by Energy Minister, Mark Bailey, for his dedication to the energy industry.

“I’m very pleased to personally acknowledge Allan Badke’s long and significant career,” Mr Bailey said.

“This is a particularly important milestone as Allan is also officially the longest serving employee of all three government owned network businesses here in Queensland.”

Starting out as an enthusiastic 16-year old apprentice radio mechanic at the Southern Electricity Authority, now Powerlink Queensland, Allan said 55 years on he was still passionate about his job and keen to come to work every morning.

“I still love the electricity industry and feel very honoured to be celebrating this milestone with my colleagues at Powerlink,” Allan said.

“I know that people might be surprised to hear this after such a long career, but I really do feel optimistic for the future and think this industry will just keep getting better.”

Allan has seen a significant amount of change throughout his career, making the expression that change is the only constant definitely ring true.

“It’s quite amazing to think about the changes I’ve witnessed over the years and the advances in technology that have impacted on the way I do my job – it has certainly kept things exciting and new,” he said.

It was Allan’s bush mechanic father that inspired him to get into the electricity industry and taught him a value that has stayed with him during both his personal and professional life.

“Respect was one of the greatest learnings from my father – no matter who you were, you were worthy of respect and I’ve worked to make sure that I hold that same level of respect for people,” he said.

“I’m still enjoying myself, but I know that retirement is not far away.  When the time is right, I will retire knowing I’ve had the most interesting and fulfilling career I could have hoped for.”

Powerlink Queensland Chief Executive, Merryn York, joined in congratulating Allan on his significant achievement.

“Allan has not lost his enthusiasm, even after 55 years of work,” Ms York said.

“He has many stories from his long career that remind us of the changes in our industry.  His contribution to Powerlink and the Queensland electricity industry over the last five decades has been significant.”

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