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Powerlink has enlisted the help of helicopters to undertake inspections across Central and North Queensland in order to maintain the reliability and safety of its electricity network.

Inspections will take place late June through to August 2019 (weather permitting) in areas including Alligator Creek, Clare, Kelso, Mulgrave, Rangemore, Woodstock, Bouldercombe, Marlborough, Nebo and Stanwell where Powerlink’s network is located.

Powerlink Executive General Manager Operations and Service Delivery, Gary Edwards, said the inspections were essential to Powerlink’s ongoing maintenance program to ensure the transmission network is safe for the community and staff.

“Our aim is to be as quick and non-disruptive as we can when completing these patrols,” Mr Edwards said.

“We want to minimise any potential disturbance to local residents near Powerlink’s transmission lines while this essential work is carried out. We appreciate their cooperation and patience.”

Helicopter inspections are an important, efficient and cost-effective way of identifying vegetation encroachments along transmission line easements and checking infrastructure for any maintenance issues.

Mr Edwards said during the aerial inspections, the helicopter pilot would endeavour to maintain the maximum distance practically possible from houses, livestock and crops.

“Local residents may see the helicopter moving relatively quickly and at a low level along our transmission lines, and in some instances, it may need to hover to enable closer inspection of the lines,” he said.

Mr Edwards said Powerlink was aware that low-flying helicopters had the potential to startle livestock and encouraged anyone with questions about the patrols and the planned timing to contact Powerlink for further information.

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