Powerlink Bouldercombe Substation transformer delivery

Powerlink’s Bouldercombe Substation project has achieved a new milestone with the delivery of a high voltage transformer weighing more than 200t.

The Bouldercombe Substation is one of the largest substations that services Central Queensland.

The substation is also home to a grid-scale battery energy storage system (BESS), known as Big Bessie, owned by Genex.

The transformer left Gladstone Port around 10pm on 23 March 2024 and arrived at Powerlink’s Bouldercombe substation around 4.30am on 24 March 2024. It was pulled by four prime movers on a total of 232 wheels.

The transformer’s total operational weight is 326t – the equivalent of roughly eight Boeing 737 jets – and is 10.1m long, 4.5m wide and 4.4m high.

The transport was a collaborative effort with Queensland Police and transport contract, Rex J Andrews.

Featured image: The high voltage transformer en route to Bouldercombe Substation. Courtesy of Powerlink.

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