Powerlink is engaging low-flying helicopters to carry out maintenance inspections of transmission lines Southern Queensland during October through to November.

Powerlink’s specialist crews will carry out this work across the region including areas covering: Benarkin North, Crossdale, Harlin, Kinnoul, Linville, Maidenwell, Moore, Somerset Dam, South Nanango, Taromeo, Wivenhoe Pocket and Yarraman where Powerlink’s network is located.

Powerlink said these inspections are an essential part of its maintenance activities.

During the aerial inspections, the helicopter pilot will seek to maintain the maximum distance practically possible from houses, livestock and crops. 

Powerlink said local residents may see the helicopter moving relatively quickly and at a low level along the transmission lines, and in some instances, it may need to pause to enable closer inspection of the lines.

Although it aims for the inspections to be as quick and non-disruptive as possible, Powerlink said there is potential for some noise during the inspections. 

Powerlink said as low-flying helicopters have the potential to startle livestock, it encourages landholders with an easement on or near their property to register their contact details to receive more information about upcoming patrols in their area. 

For more information on the helicopter inspections, click here.

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