Powerlink has recently completed a $3.4 million replacement of steel bolts and insulators in Central Queensland after inspections identified some corrosion had occurred.

The replacements were conducted across a 290km stretch of transmission line between Broadsound, Nebo and Bouldercombe substations.

Powerlink Chief Executive, Merryn York, said regular inspections along this key stretch of network in Central Queensland ensured the safe, reliable and cost effective delivery of electricity into the future.

“The program of works supported up to eight full-time jobs and was conducted over a number of months to minimise impact on the network and customers,” Ms York said.

“Replacing aging insulators and steel bolts ensures the longevity of our infrastructure at the lowest long-run cost to our customers.

“Corrosion can compromise the integrity of insulators and steel bolts on the transmission towers, which is why inspections are regularly conducted and replacement works promptly completed.

“This transmission line plays a critical role in Powerlink’s network in Central Queensland, supporting industrial and economic growth in the region.”

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