Ergon Energy’s powersavvy programme has helped a store at remote Doomadgee (QLD) slash its annual electricity consumption by a massive 40 percent, saving $60,000 a year and reducing greenhouse gas emission by 219 tonnes.

powersavvy Energy Conservation Advisor Des Jackson said Doomadgee Retail Store’s significantly reduced electricity consumption between November 2012 and 2013 was due to energy efficient changes for airconditioning, refrigeration and lighting.

“This is a great achievement and a direct benefit to the store’s bottom line. The result was achieved thanks to their efforts to better manage their electricity consumption and improve processes with assistance from the powersavvy team,” he said.

As part of the project, powersavvy undertook a comprehensive energy audit and recommended a number of initiatives that would lead to greater energy efficiencies.

Mr Jackson said the project’s focus was to better manage air-conditioning and refrigeration which are critical for the store’s operation but accounted for 75 percent of the electricity consumption,” he said.

The powersavvy team assisted the store to implement the changes by engaging specialist project facilitation to ensure the technical and energy related outcomes were achieved.

A new control system was installed to regulate the airconditioning system which reduced running costs by about 35 percent. Efficiencies were also achieved by consolidating the refrigerator and freezer systems and LED lighting was installed which reduced lighting costs by 50 percent.

“The combined impact was a remarkable 40 percent reduction in electricity consumption, annual energy savings of $60,000 and greenhouse gas savings of 219 tonnes,” he said.

“Importantly, this significant drop in consumption by a large local business also reduces the amount of diesel required to power this remote Queensland community and that’s good for the environment,” he said.

Doomadgee Store and Director of Retail Stores Eoin Quinlivan worked closely with the powersavvy team to ensure the best outcome for their business.

“Ergon’s powersavvy program resulted in innovative solutions and widespread benefits. The project not only helped us to save energy but also allowed for reduced maintenance requirements, decreased heat load on air-conditioning, improved product storage and handling, upgraded lighting quality, and lowered product waste”, he said.

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