ElectraNet has identified a preferred alignment for the future transmission line upgrade between Cultana and Yadnarie (SA). The preferred route runs almost parallel to the existing transmission line, along its north-western side. It is anticipated that statutory approval for the northern section will be sought in 2015.

The route was identified by evaluating the information gathered through desk-top research, technical field studies, direct engagement with landowners and the Eyre Peninsula community, as well as extensive ground-truthing – a technique where field data is measured for comparison and verification against aerial and satellite data. This process also included a geo-spatial multi-criteria analysis, which assessed various alignment options to identify the route that best balances environmental, cultural, social, land use, engineering, and cost criteria.

ElectraNet is in the process of engaging with landowners along this section to discuss the route and options for acquiring a new easement.

“While the route alignment has been identified for the northern section, further work is required to identify the preferred alignment for the southern section between Yadnarie and Port Lincoln,” said Mr Phil Court-Kowalski, ElectraNet’s Executive Manager of Network Services.

“ElectraNet will continue these investigations and will be seeking further input from landowners and the wider community.”

“Electricity load demand will dictate the exact date the new transmission line will be required. Securing the future route and easement for the new line now ensures the eventual construction can proceed as soon as a trigger occurs,” said Mr Court-Kowalski.

ElectraNet will continue to closely monitor and test the existing transmission line to better understand how its age and condition influence its need for replacement, ensuring reliable high-voltage electricity to the Eyre Peninsula into the future.

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