A progressing cavity pump and a centrifugal pump.

In response to the needs of the Australian market for a pressure sewer pump to handle larger flows from commercial and industrial sites, Aquatec assisted in the development of a 50 Hz two-stage centrifugal pump for the Australian market.

Capable of handling higher flows while providing significant whole-of-life efficiencies, the OGP+ has set a benchmark standard in residential, commercial and industrial pressure sewer systems. Featuring the International Standard IP68 submersible motor, the OGP+ may be operated for extended periods without damage to motor and/or seals.

Centrifugal grinder pump capabilities

• For commercial, industrial and large scale residential applications

• Withstands floods from ground water and storm water ingress

• Fully submersible up to nine metres

• No solids built up to prevent odour issues

• In-built non-return and antisiphon valve

• Recessed vortex impellers for higher flows with reduced wear over time

• Superior starting torque to provide greater grinding capability

• Low power consumption for reduced running costs

• Reduced maintenance costs compared to a progressing cavity pump

• Increased lifespan

• Capable and tested to operate at 60m

• 1.5kW motor – three phase and single phase


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