COVID-19 has evolved rapidly and there has been a major societal shift, which has affected people and industries across the globe. Amid this pandemic, people will still need to rely on continuity of water and sanitation services. Interflow discusses its approach to maintaining business continuity to meet essential services for its customers, whilst protecting its lifeblood – its people.

Providing essential services for water infrastructure networks, Interflow has implemented policies to protect its people, whilst still meeting the operational needs of its customers.

The company is coordinating a large workforce across Australia and New Zealand, both in-house and out in the field, in ways that maximise its employees’ health and wellbeing using government guidelines.

Working with his senior management team, Interflow’s Managing Director, Geoff Weaver, has been monitoring the situation daily. According to Mr Weaver, the ability to be agile and able to adapt during this uncertain time is reflected through leadership, honesty and open conduits of communication.

“Our customers have different needs and we’re endeavouring to provide the flexibility to interface with each of them,” Mr Weaver said.

“Interflow’s ability to adapt rapidly helps protect our customers and the community as we work together during this difficult time.”

With this in mind, the business will continue to support its people, customers and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. By managing its response to the outbreak and taking prudent steps to ensure essential services, Interflow is working to assist its customers with the continued operation and distribution of water and sanitation across Australia and New Zealand.

As an organisation that has also gained an enviable track record of ‘challenging the status quo’, Mr Weaver iterates that now is more important than ever that Interflow meets its customers’ needs by working together in new and innovative ways.

“The dedication of our people and commitment to innovation will enable us to overcome challenges that we face today and into the future.”

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