In this modern age, women’s career aspirations have changed, and what used to be a man’s world is now an industry that benefits from people of all genders working together. 

Programmed has been taking steps to increase the representation of women in leadership roles and encourage equal representation within trades sectors. The company is proud to see exceptional women thriving within its organisation, just like Tegan Overall, Programmed Contract manager at Greater Western Water (GWW).

Tegan’s story begins in Northwest Victoria, raised on a farm with a little understanding of the opportunities available to women. After high school, she pursued a career in interior design, where she spent ten years in Western Australia as an assistant project manager, working on major commercial projects like office buildings and airports. She then returned to Victoria and worked as a senior project manager consultant at Melbourne Airport for four years.

Tegan’s perspective shifted during COVID19, inspiring her to seek opportunities in the blue-collar sector and make a difference to the lives of her team. She found her calling in the water industry, where she could give back to the land and people. 

“I wanted to be involved in a bit of blue-collar as opposed to the corporate and starting to make a difference within the lives of my team, and that’s how I landed with water,” Tegan said.

Tegan didn’t pursue project management after finishing high school because she was unaware of the opportunities available  and didn’t realise that it was a viable option for women in the trade industry. For this reason, she emphasises the importance of early education and promoting women’s participation in trades, as it can help people recognise their potential and expand their career options.

“I’ve always been in the construction sector around male-dominated industries, I’ve always had to fit in, and if I didn’t fit, then there was no room for me, but that’s not how we should be thinking; that’s not how I want the women in my organisation to be thinking,” Tegan said.

Since joining Programmed and GWW just nine months ago, Tegan has felt aligned with the core values of both organisations and has found nothing but support since she signed onto these contracts.

Programmed is committed to keeping improving gender balance and equality – the company’s goal is to see women make up half the roles in its workforce. Just like Tegan, you can break down the barriers and make your career goals come true.

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