Pipe lining technology has the potential to substantially increase the service life of pipes by up to 50 years at lower cost. Pipe Segment Technology is an innovative new lining system, offering a range of benefits including fast installation, construction from transparent material and suitability for live loads, such as culverts under road and rail networks.

$3 million research project into smart lining for pipes, funded by the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Projects stream, will explore the use of relining technology to deliver more reliable water and wastewater services, and lessen customer disruption through reduced repairs and replacements.

Led by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), the project will enable collaboration between manufacturers, applicators, utilities and research organisations to improve specifications, standards, products and services.

One organisation, Aussie Trenchless, is already at the forefront of pipe lining technology and has just released a new man entry lining system.

Aussie Trenchless’ Pipe Segment Technology (PST) method is ideal for man entry pipeline rehabilitation of gravity sewer mains. PST is easy to build and fast to implement in man entry pipelines.

The system’s lining panels are made of polypropylene (PP) material, providing a smooth surface with excellent hydraulic performance characteristics. This compound means the liner is transparent, so there is no guesswork on grouting levels during the rehabilitation.

PST can be installed in any shape of pipeline: round, egg-shaped or box culverts. The installation can continue in low flow conditions, however it can be interrupted if wet weather flows occur.

The assembly of the PP sections, positioning and finishing can be carried out from the mid-point of the pipe to each access end, allowing two crews to complete the installation in less time. The ring stiffness of PST can also be enhanced by attaching circumferential bars, which makes the product suitable for installation in deep sewers.

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