Piping solutions provider PSSS has added the first of a range of weld-free repair and maintenance offerings from SRJ Technologies to its rental catalogue. And it has many in the industry excited.

When Piping Specialty Supply Services (PSSS) Managing Director, John Wilton, heard about SRJ Technologies’ BoltEx® flange clamp, he knew it was the answer to an ongoing challenge in piping repairs and maintenance.

The innovative clamp is precision engineered to fit snugly and securely over pipe flange joints, enabling hot bolting to take place. Mr Wilton said the simplicity and effectiveness of the clamps make them an appealing proposition.

“There’s a very simple training process our clients can undertake so it eliminates the costs associated with bringing in specialist, third-party suppliers for repair and maintenance requirements,” he said.

“We had a contracting client who had been looking for years for exactly this sort of solution to help a major oil company.

“After one meeting with PSSS and SRJ, they are very excited about the prospects of having access to BoltEx, which in spite of its innovative design, is a simple and straightforward solution.”

Additional cost savings are available to contractors and asset owners because PSSS has included BoltEx in its rental equipment inventory, allowing access to the products only when required.

Mr Wilton admits it’s a valuable addition to the PSSS catalogue. The Brisbane-headquartered company specialises, as its name implies, in piping solutions for clients across the Australian oil and gas, resources and petrochemical industries among others.

With an ever-growing range of solutions to help clients with shutdown, maintenance and repair tasks, PSSS helps clients at all levels of the piping supply chain. SRJ Technologies was founded in the UK and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in September 2020.

The company provides a range of innovative asset integrity solution technologies and provides services designed to offer greater efficiency, improved productivity and better safety outcomes for asset owners and managers.

In the piping space, in addition to BoltEx, the company provides a range of other reusable, weld-free solutions including the Multi-Shell Repair Clamp and Pipe Coupling. SRJ also offers bespoke enclosure repairs to facilitate fast and effective repairs for critical infrastructure.

Mr Wilton said PSSS is working with SRJ to build rental inventory of the additional piping solutions.

According to SRJ Technologies CEO, Alexander Wood, the partnership with PSSS is a significant advantage for both companies.

“In the nine years it has been operating, PSSS has built relationships and a very good reputation across the Australian pipeline sector,” Mr Wood said.

“SRJ has some of the most innovative repair and maintenance solutions in the industry and with PSSS’s assistance, we are making great inroads to educating and exciting the market.”

Mr Wilton said while many asset owners and operators have been resistant to hot bolting, the new SRJ solutions are likely to help drive change.

“While a lot of people understand the productivity gains and cost efficiencies associated with hot bolting, many products to date have not provided them with enough confidence that risk is eliminated,” he said.

“When they see BoltEx, I expect those opinions will start to change.”

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