The AEMC will hold a public forum in Sydney on Wednesday 25 February. The forum will focus on the forthcoming East Coast Wholesale Gas Market and Transmission Pipeline Frameworks Review.

Interested stakeholders are invited to share their views on wholesale gas markets and gas transportation arrangements in eastern Australia.

At its December 2014 meeting, the COAG Energy Council outlined its vision for Australia’s future gas market and tasked the AEMC to review the design, function and roles of facilitated gas markets and gas transportation arrangements.

The AEMC was asked to provide a report to the first Council meeting in 2015 on actions that can be implemented to strengthen the structure and competitiveness of the east coast gas market.

While the AEMC has yet to receive Terms of Reference for the review, in light of the timetable specified by the Council, the public forum will allow the AEMC to begin identifying and assessing issues arising from the current market and regulatory frameworks.

The forum is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide their views on matters likely to be considered in the review, including:

  • The optimal type and number of facilitated markets on the east coast, taking into account the current arrangements and changed gas market conditions;
  • Any necessary adjustments in the market and regulatory arrangements to facilitate liquid and competitive wholesale spot and forward markets, including tools for managing price and risk; and
  • Whether there are any impediments to the efficient use of pipelines and whether changes to facilitate trade in pipeline capacity would be appropriate, including implications for the existing transmission access and investment framework.

The AEMC will also seek stakeholder views on the COAG Energy Council’s Gas Market Vision.

Prior to the forum, Commission staff will provide further guidance on areas the AEMC would like to explore with stakeholders at the forum. The Commission also intends to invite written submissions following the forum, which will be due on Thursday 26 March, this year.

As the Terms of Reference for the Review have not yet been finalised, all details about its scope and timing are subject to change.

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