Safety is our number one priority, as it is for our customers. Arc faults can cause serious injury and even fatalities. Why put personnel in danger when you can install an arc fault contained variable speed drive?

Rockwell Automation’s specially designed enclosure now adds another layer of personnel protection in the event of an arcing fault.

Variable speed drives have been difficult to design to withstand arcing faults due to critical failure points in vents and fans, but Rockwell Automation has designed the perfect solution – a patented arc baffle ventilation system which allows air flow under normal operating conditions, but under an arcing fault, diverts all gases flowing from the enclosure and provides no direct path for gas.

The floor-mounted variable speed drives with arc baffle ventilation system have been successfully tested in accordance with IEC/TR Edition 3.0  and AS/NZ 3439.1  Annex ZD. The range is available in a floor standing configuration up to 250kW.

Simplified integration

Rockwell Automation’s PowerFlex 750 offers seamless integration into the Logix environment for simplified andenhanced configuration, programming, diagnostics andmaintenance.


The PowerFlex 750 series supports a comprehensive range of network protocols to ease integration into your architecture. The PowerFlex 755 features an embedded EtherNet/IP port, allowing you to easily manage drive data over EtherNet/IP networks.

Safe torque-off and safe speed monitor

Help protect personnel and equipment while reducing machine downtime with safety solutions up to and including PLe/SIL, Cat 3 and Cat 4.

Standard inclusions

• Incoming circuit breaker with shunt release and auxiliary contacts

• 24V DC power supply

• Door-mounted human interface module

• 24V DC I/O module

• 4mm aluminium gland plate OPTIONS

• Line and load side reactors (which increase the overall
width on certain sizes)

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