Carnegie Wave Energy has announced that the second of its new generation CETO 5 wave energy units has been successfully installed and is operating at its Perth Wave Energy Project site off Garden Island, Western Australia.

The second CETO 5 unit was successfully installed in one day and is now operating. The sea state conditions experienced during this initial operational period have included waves up to 3.5m in height. The unit is operating in line with expectations alongside the first CETO 5 unit, installed in November last year. The first CETO 5 unit has now been operating for over 1700 hours, and has experienced a range of sea states, including waves up to 3.8m in height.

Carnegie’s Managing Director, Dr Michael Ottaviano, said: “The successful installation of our second CETO 5 unit is an important event, as is achieving our stated aim of installation in a day. The integration of multiple wave energy convertors is critical to demonstrating the principles of future CETO wave farms. With the recent completion of onshore plant and grid connection works, we are eagerly anticipating the world-first milestone of feeding electricity into the grid at HMAS Stirling.”

The third and final CETO 5 unit has been moved to the Australian Maritime Complex (AMC) in Henderson for final fit out ahead of its installation. The AMC is a world class marine industrial facility and will also be the likely staging point for Carnegie’s CETO 6 Project.

Current plans have Unit 3 deployment taking place after an initial Unit 2 run of some 30 days or so, subject to suitable weather conditions, and timed to coincide with the retrieval of the first CETO 5 Unit for onshore inspection. Amongst other objectives, the third CETO 5 Unit will be used to demonstrate operation and maintenance methodologies and, as such, may be held onshore for longer than 30 days to minimise installation and retrieval costs should Unit 1 continue to operate without needing to be retrieved onshore.

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