QGC has celebrated a step towards long-term operations in Queensland with the dedication of a new command centre by Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane MP.

The facility, known as the QGC Hub, is the nerve centre of natural gas operations from southern to central Queensland.

About 120 engineering, commercial and production specialists collaborate to optimise the operation of wells, pipelines and processing plants at the purpose-built facility in QGC’s Brisbane offices.

The hub, which was built and supplied by Queensland firms, receives data 24 hours a day from field staff and equipment sensors.

This information enables teams to plan and optimise gas production to meet the needs of domestic and export markets.

QGC Managing Director Mitch Ingram said leading-edge technology was helping QGC to work safer and smarter.

“Our teams monitor thousands of wells, dozens of processing facilities, thousands of kilometres of connecting pipelines and hundreds of people,” Mr Ingram said.

“We can now oversee all this equipment in real time and keep our staff safe by pinpointing the location of vehicles and individuals working in remote locations.

“The data received at the hub also helps us forecast and improve gas production, helping us to meet our goal of being the best producer of natural gas in Australia.”

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