QGC has extended its land access contract with Daly International to the end of 2016.

In addition to the land access services, Daly International has been engaged to assist with managing relationships with landowners for ongoing maintenance to the pipeline. This work was also extended.

“This is a testament to the good work of our people and our positive relationships with clients,” said Paul Larcher, Project Director of Daly International.

Daly International has been working with QGC since early 2012. The team has provided land access and social performance services to QGC to remote areas in central Queensland as part of the massive QCLNG project.

QCLNG is one of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects, involving US$20.4 billion of investment.

“QGC is a valued client and one that we hope to be discussing many more projects and contract extensions with in the future,” said Paul.

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