Thousands of homeowners across Queensland are set to participate in the state’s largest annual research project of household energy use.

The sixth Queensland Household Energy Survey started the week 27 October, with more than 3500 home owners and renters being asked a range of key questions regarding current and planned energy use.

The survey aims to identify trends in household energy use patterns and energy-saving attitudes and awareness across the state.

Survey results will not only provide an invaluable snapshot of current and potential future energy use, but will also assist with effective electricity network planning and the targeting of energy management programs to help in delivering the right balance between reliability of electricity supply and cost to consumers.

To be conducted by research firm Colmar Brunton on behalf of Queensland’s energy companies Ergon Energy, Powerlink Queensland, and Energex, the household energy survey follows similar research conducted over the past five years.

Key questions being addressed in the survey include customer installation and use of air-conditioners; the surge in large screen, higher energy-intensive televisions; growth in solar power; differences between private ownership and renters; and energy use patterns across regions around the State.

Earlier surveys have revealed that comfort, leisure and entertainment choices were the key driving forces behind the way Queenslanders consume electricity.

Other identified trends included the desire by residents to reduce their overall energy use and adopt energy efficiency measures and equipment, yet at the same time showed a surge in the number of higher energy-intensive appliances (especially air-conditioners) which underpin peak electricity demand.

The surveys also identified continued strong interest in domestic solar electricity; laptop computers were fast overtaking desktop computers in the average home; and that electric heaters (bar and oil) were losing popularity, being replaced by more energy efficient air-conditioners for home heating.

The household survey will be run online with detailed results due early next year.

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